SBI (State Bank of India) Fixed Deposits HELP needed (Please take some time and do reply)?

I have a Savings account with SBI. It is linked with an online SBI account, i.e. I can view all my savings bank account details, PPF account details, Fixed deposits details etc through internet.

My question is:

If I open a FIxed deposit online with the e-STDR facility, for lets say 3 years, how will I receive the money on maturity?

Lets say I deposit Rs 50,000 and am supposed to get Rs 62000 after 3 years. Then will these Rs 62000 be deposited to my account directly or do I have to go to the bank to claim the money after 3 years?

Also Since the interest earned per year is less that Rs. 10,000, so I do not have to fill any form 15G right? Also I am not eligible for TDS on this Rs 12,000 interest? right?

Also though my question is for SBI but I hope the same answers will be true for HDFC etc as well.Please correct me if not..

Thanks a ton. Please take some time and do reply….