How Tax System works for a freelance professional in india?

I would like to know whether a freelance programmer who works for overseas client and receives money from them, needs to pay any tax? If so how it is done ? Is there any legal formality like registration before receiving the money? Please clarify me on this . Thanks in advance

Public Provident Fund ppf query?

In Public Provident Fund(ppf) if i start off with a deposit ?
In Public Provident Fund if i start off with a deposit of rs.1000 can i increase it to rs.2000 and so on till 75000 the max is what i heard every year?or is it fixed to a specific amount say 1000 if i start of with , every year ?
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How to earn money online without investing a single penny?

Find an investor to invest in an online business idea. Start selling products on eBay. There are reputable dropshipping companies out there that don't charge you anything to setup an account. You can also build a blog website and start selling ad space or sign up for an affiliate company such as Commission Junction.

Does NRI get loan in India to start own business?

I am NRI working abroad for the past one year, planning to start my own business in chennai looking for a loan to start my business.
as NRI can I get business start up loan from any financial institution in chennai? are how can i get loan to start my business? plz give me a detailed answer.