I am planning to start an educational travel business and in that do I have to pay service tax?

I am a final Year student with the Maharashtra State University and was venturing into Educational travel Business.

Brief Description of the Business:

It will enable the students to go on industrial visit to different industries and different parts of the country.

Thus in this case I wanted to understand the implication of service tax and what are the details needed to be made sure we submit the right documents to prove that we are only doing educational trips.

Also what is the rate of service tax?

I want to start a campaign againt the huge service tax charged in India?

The service tax at more than 12% literally means that every 1 rupee out of 8 rupees from a middle income man, who wants to spend or enjoy or engage in a future-building activity or sometimes invest, is robbed off. Can it be reduced? Are we getting better returns for the money taken from us. Is it the level in other advanced countries ? Can we make it somewhat as simple as 5% before next budget ?