How to earn money online without investing a single penny?

Find an investor to invest in an online business idea. Start selling products on eBay. There are reputable dropshipping companies out there that don't charge you anything to setup an account. You can also build a blog website and start selling ad space or sign up for an affiliate company such as Commission Junction.

The real estate that weighs only 500gms and yields like a gold mine.?

When I want to advertise in a news paper,they charge so many mm by so many mm (or cms) and a high rate just for one time printing.I thought if I could buy the whole blank page area of one side like buying an acre of land,of a newspaer which is going to last for another twenty years and then make money out of it by letting out space for advertisers,it would be a gold mine.

how do i raise a capital in such a case?

i am a student of 19, earning a little over INR 2000 pm in part time. i have seen a gud business opportunity but hav no capital. i have frnds although who r as passionate abt d idea as i am, but all v need is the money.
money needed is INR 200,000 for deposit in the space we've seen to rent out, 25,000 upfront for rent pm, plus additional money for staffing out people and renting out furniture which wud come out to another 50,000…
hoping you people wud b kind enough as always to guide me through 🙂
p.s. id be glad if negative comments r kept away, thank you