Public Provident Fund


I have a PPF account wherein I yearly deposit the maximum prescribed amount i.e Rs ONE LAKH. I want to open PPF account ┬áin the name my son (10yrs) as a guardian. I would like to know whether I can deposit another one lakh rupees yearly in my son’s PPF in addition to one lakh rupees that I deposit in my PPF . However,I shall claim Income tax benefit (80C) only on one lakh rupees deposited in my account.


Is a mentally ill widow of a Central govt. employee eligible for family pension?

My father died on 29th May 2010. He was a retired (March 2005) Central Govt. employee (Indian Navy). My mother is mentally ill (Paranoid Schizophrenia).

I want to know if:

1) She is eligible for the family pension?

2) Shall a bank allow us to open a pension account in her name or can it refuse to do so on the basis of her mental condition?

3) If allowed, can someone like me (42 y.o. son), be authorized to operate that account on her behalf?

Thanking you.


Will I be able to get the home loan from gov bank for reconstruction of house?

I am an Indian. I live in Bopal, outskirts of Ahmedabad, India. The house is in father’s and mother’s joint name.My parents are alive & are dependent on me as I am the earning member in house. I am the only son & my sister is married. I want to reconstruct my house by taking home loan. Do I need to pay stamp duty on document to get the home loan from gov bank? What shall I do so that I can get Home Loan from Gov. bank?