Can someone refer me to laws governing leakage liability for apartments in coop society?

I am suffering a leakage in my apartment from one of the bathrooms above. The owner above is not accepting liability. They say that since it does not bother them, it is not their problem. Therefore, either I should pay for the repair or continue to suffer. I want to understand what laws govern and affix liability in this case and where and how can I procure a copy to cite for the owner of the property above since I am not able to get across the voice of reason. I stay in Maharashtra. Thanks in advance.

After you turn someone in for tax fraud, how long is before they are audited?

The IRS received the information – appropriate form and a copy of the tax return – on Feb. 7th or so. I wondered how long it will be until this person receives a notice of audit.
He’s my current husband. I could not file with him because of not trusting his numbers. It’s between 12 and 28K of deductions that he many not have been due. Hope they get around to him soon.

Can I give power of attorney in Thane for selling a property in Dombivli to someone?

I live in US and currently visiting India. I have a property in Dombivli. I would like to sell it and want to give power of attorney to someone. Someone told me that I need to be present with my POA in Dombivli. Is it true? Can I not do it in Thane Court Naka, saving a trip to Dombivli as my current address is Thane. I thought it may be possible, as Dombivli is in Thane district, too. I want this to be confirmed by someone.