Can i have some tips on Mutual Fund investment in India?


I am investing in mutual fund schemes of three fund houses since last 9 months through SIP.

Types of my schemes are

1. Equity Scheme
2. Diversified Equity Scheme and
3. Balanced Scheme

They are of SBI,Reliance and HDFC respectively.

Since this is my very first MF investment i want advised in

1.Which is the right time to switch/redeem accumulate units?
(At what time i can take decision / by looking at what?)

2.Shall i withdraw all amount as it is giving me good return within 8 months or shall i wait for some more type (typically 2/3 years)?

3.Which MF Scheme giving good return,promising and reliable as of now?

4. Where can i get MF Scheme related details online?

Thanks in advance.