can my insurance agent sign a new policy with a new company without my knowledge?

After tornado hit my home, i found out that my insurance was changed 2 months prior without my knowledge. My personal items was dropped 40,000 dollars. Is this legal? The first insurance company dropped because they no longer give insurance in my state. I exceeded the new personal items of 80,000 dollars and would have been around 100,000 dollars. Something does not feel right.

How to invest in SBI Gold ETF?

I am a government servant joined now only(My age is 22)..i want to invest in sbi gold etf because of good to proceed? any other better option for saving money as an asset…??

Is it possible to discontinue LIC premium payments?

I do want to discontinue making payment for a LIC premium. The policy is 3 years old. Kindly let me know is it possible? If possible, whether LIC is going to pay me the whole invested amount or it would be deducting any amount for premature withdrawal?