Is it possible to know from pass book address of ATM centers where my atm card has been used to withdraw money?

I need to find whether whether my atm debit card is being used by my boy friend.
Yes, first two columns seems to contain atm detail, but am not able to interpret. first number seems to be my atm card number with some other 8 digit number suffixed then four digit number and then second column is alphanumeric code. If some body can help me understand, I will be grateful.

Scam after scam news!!! Is it a tactical move to weaken/side track the formidable 2G issue?

New Delhi: After two of its top officers were arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for allegedly sanctioning loans in return for bribes, the LIC is likely to suspend them pending probe. The LIC board will meet on the issue soon.

A total of eight people have been arrested by the CBI. Among them: Ramchandran Nair, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LIC Housing Finance; RN Tayal , General Manager of Bank of India; and Venkoba Gujjal , Deputy General Manager of Punjab National Bank. (Read: Top bank managers arrested for loans-for-bribes scam)

National Pension scheme?

National pension scheme is a grate efforts of PFRDA, the complete information like benefits of scheme, returns after 60 years of age (Pension/ lump sum) and any other benefits should be clearly mentioned at PFRDA web side.

What will happen if my bank account shows negative balance ? Will the RBI be informed about it ?

I had a corporate Power Vantage account with HSBC,

Since our company started banking with another bank, we had to change our salary account. On August 4, 2008, I visited the HSBC bank MG Road branch and filled in the required documents for closing my HSBC account, and I was told that my account had been closed ( I also submitted my debit card and cheque book).

However, now I have been receiving mails from HSBC saying that there is a debit in my account, and I need to fund it. Please note that I was unaware that my account was still functioning, and I was not provided any intimation about the same whatsoever. I even filed a complaint at their call center (complaint no. 2903277788), and I was told that I would have to go to the bank and fund my account of the deficit (Rs.4000 and odd) and get this done. Since this is an error from the bank’s side, I think it would only be fair on their part to close this account and spare me any further inconvenience…