Will it be viable,A shop selling Mutual funds and Insurance only?

I am planning a unique venture, to open a shop (sort of office like) not a big one, aimed at promoting mutual funds and insurance policies.Mutual funds of all companies can be sold and insurance agencies of may be one or two companies.
1) Is it viable
2) What are the steps to be taken to suceed
3) The dimensions of the shop’
Please reply.

How can I convert an LIC policy to a paid policy?

I have the following policies taken 8 years back.
1. LIC New Jeevan Shree
2. LIC Jeevan Rekha
3. LIC Jeevan Suraksha
I have taken up adequate term life insurance cover and I invest separately in mutual funds. I no longer want these LIC policies. How do I convert these into paid up policies? These were taken in the Bangalore branch of LIC.
btw, i meant “paid up” policy.