How Long a Tenant should be kept?

does anyone have any idea in India how long one can keep the tenant. I was told after living in the same property some years the tenant can claim the property. is that true, if so, how many years is a safe period?
thanks for your response
I am aware of 11 months contract but how many years it is safe to keep the same tenant. I heard after some years, the tenant can claim the property, is that true?

Since the kiranawallas and the vegetable retail shopowners do not pay taxes why we should support them?

The kiranawallas and the roadside vegetable and eatable vendors do not pay taxes which is a big revenue leakage for the govt. The big retail chains will give employment, pay taxes to the govt. and also make the shopping a pleasant experience. Why the political parties are supporting these tax evading kiranawallas? Whether the common people should support such political parties?

Want to send my son for higher studies in Australia, what should I do?

Hi, My name is Sunish and I have been investing for many years now. I know I have bought enough real estate to fund whatever I want to fund in my life but I have to send my child to Australia for further studies next year and I don’t know whether I should sell my property to fund his education or not. As real estate market is down I might not get the right valuation of my property, should I sell my property.