Cost of my property in Faridabad. Whether I should retain it or sell?

I have a 198 Sq. yards plot in Greenfields colony in Faridabad. I was being offered a rate @ 72000/- per sq. yard about a year back. Now the offer is @ approx. 55000/- per sq yard. Should I retain or sell this to invest in another property. If yes, where ? My preference would be around Chandigarh because i live in Panchkula. the motive is to invest and make profit.
Please publish the reply in “Times Property”, if possible

the agreement is finished but bsnl is not vacating my propery what should i do its a queston of life and death?

bsnl is giving me a false commitment that they will soon vacate the property but since its a completion of almost 2yrs but still they are illegally occupied my property in this regard they have given me a spare copy of their official latter instructing their concerned personnel to look for other property and vacate our property soon but still they are only doing their time pass kindly suggest me what should i do its a question of life and death for me and my family