which online broker is best for sharemarket?

I am new to share markets. i want to trade some shares,mutual fund and commodity products(gold) and want to buy for long term. so i will prefer less fee(opening , less annual maintenance and less broking commiseration). which share broker company will prefer for me. (i will not be often trader.)

What Is the circuit limit and contract in sharemarket?

Acconrding to the stock of the week was Akruti City, which jumped 37% despite Friday’s 27% and thursday 15% fall. The NSE will exclude (why ?)the stock from F&O list. Its April and May contracts will close on March 26, 2009. The stock will be available for trading with a 5% circuit.(whats this) can someone expect the above scripe price will fall tomorrow are comming days despite of sensex up (if i hoping)