Do you think banks give their recovery agents too much liberty?

There are several cases of fraud and harassment by recovery agents. Do You think banks should take on more responsibility?

In one case a man called M S Khan (9579471605) calls up a customer impersonating the Bombay police and tells him a warrant has been issued for his arrest. The customer is directed to a lawyer Mr Sameer (9718087059) who asks for some amount as a settlement.

Even after this the customer recieves threat calls and many times the money issued for the settlement is sent to someone else’s account.

How to view all my financial investments in one place.?

I have investment like insurance, mutual funds e.t.c. and all these transactions are thru SIP investment. I have invested in various funds like ICICI MF, Birla Sun MF, HDFC MF..
I would like to know if there is a website in which I can register and find all the details like what was the nav at which I have purchased the funds ( which I invest monthly) and provide the profit/ loss statements for all the investments clubbed together?