Where to Invest ? Mutual Funds or Private Sector FDs?

I would like to invest Rs.30,000. Which option is good? Invest in pvt. sector FD’s or invest in mutual funds.

If you suggest pvt. sector FDs then which company is good and how much interest they give?

If you suggest mutual funds then which MF gives good returns after 2-3 years?

Do you suggest any Govt. Bonds?

Is there any other place to invest money where i can get good returns?

Working In Investment and mutual fund sector?

I have done my bsc computer science but now i m plannin
to go for a career in business and finance. What is the
best way to get my basic concepts clear apart from
reading newspapers .I am more interseted into mutual
funds and equity and i m lookin for a job as a trainee
in that sector. Advise