SBI new pension scheme ?

plz tell me about State bank of india new pension scheme , some of my friend took that scheme, but i dont any thing about that, they told its good scheme thats all , i searched in google i did not got good info, if u know plz help me .

Can anyone please enlighten me more about the life insurance scheme of Bajaj Allianz?

It seems we have to pay lumpsum Rs.12000/- p.a.for 3 years.
As soon as you pay the first 12000/-, you can either choose if you want to take a insurance plan or to buy products.
The insurance policy is for 20 years.
For accidental death you get so much of Rs. &
For natural death you get so much…
If you wish to back out, after 3 years you can even withdraw it. You will get it with interest.
The co. invests your money in mutual funds & after 20 years they pay you depending upon the return of investments.
The other part is the business plan which is optional.
You have to make 2 members under you i.e.A & B. Then they have to again make 2 members & so on.
As the branch starts expanding, you are paid some 1000 Rs. per head…

Many people are taking this policy. I am also interested in taking but before that I want to know the full details of this scheme, the pros & cons etc.

Need help to Cancel my HDFC standard life pension scheme?

My mother was duped by financial consultant by enrolling her into a unit linked pension scheme as against her request for a mutual fund, he convinced her that unit linked plan is nothing but mutual fund and its a onetime payment of Rs 50,000, things came to light when we got a premium reminder from the back office saying the premium needs to be paid for consecutive 3 years. My mother is 57 years of age and doesn’t have a regular source of income and hence will not be able to carry on with the policy, on a written complaint to HDFC on the subject matter their grievance team reverted saying that the agent had explained us everything in detail and they would not be able to help us in this regard..