What is the best for a young man for long term savings, like unit linked pension plan et al. who offers the be

These days there are many options for pension plans with several riders ; A hordes of never heard names are floating in the market , like Aviva, Max Newyork, AXA besides our age old LIC, UTI. All claim to have best track records and offer the best scheme. I do not know whom to trust and do not understand their satistics of track records. Please tell me what is the best and how to comperhend that.

is 16000 per month good savings n india?

I am from Bangalore, india? i am managing to save 16000 per month for the last 5 years even though i have had only BPO jobs uptil now. Right now i own almost 1000000 of which 600000 are invested in bank FD’s which give simple interest and 240000 is in PPF. I got married 3 months ago and now doubts are coming over me, whether it will be enough if i carry on like this. I have my own house (inherited). Please help me out, this is driving me really crazy.