How to plan to buy a flat saving on Tax?

I am doing a small business in Bangalore. I want to use the sale proceeds of my share of ancestral property in Kerala to buy a flat in Bangalore with the support of a housing loan for the balance amount. Would you please tell me how to plan things such as transfer of the fund from Kerala, etc. with respect to tax issues? What documents I will have furnish to Tax authorities. Your advices Please Thank you!

what is the effective means for saving money? (Indian context)?

Money saved in mutual fund is worthier to that saved in Post office saving. can u suggest means to save money on a dependable way
I have to save the money which I may get shortly ( arrear re-imbursement).. I wish it to be saved safe but in a most benefitting manner. Thats why I sought help from you people I dint mean anything said in your answers. Please be serious and give me yor valuable suggestions. expect u my frends help