Need a sample sales agreement for a commercial building owned by 4 ppl being sold to one person.?

I’m in need of an example of what a sales agreement would look like when a property measuring x sq yds is sold by 4 ppl to one person for an amount of rs X.
i need all the necessary clauses mentioned in it for example-circumstances on account of cancellation by one of the parties…..etc.
It would be really good if anyone could provide me with templates or sample files of the same.
Your help is highly appreciated.

Do the property will be accepted without signature?

My father wrote a sample copy of property will by his own when he was ill. He ask me to arrange the advocate to write the original. But suddenly he was again hospitalized and i too forgot to make the arrangement of advocate to write the original will. Suddenly my dad expired. I am having his sample copy of will without his signature but he wrote on his own. Will this be useful to make further arrangement of making the original will. Please help.