Need a sample sales agreement for a commercial building owned by 4 ppl being sold to one person.?

I’m in need of an example of what a sales agreement would look like when a property measuring x sq yds is sold by 4 ppl to one person for an amount of rs X.
i need all the necessary clauses mentioned in it for example-circumstances on account of cancellation by one of the parties…..etc.
It would be really good if anyone could provide me with templates or sample files of the same.
Your help is highly appreciated.

sales turnover is 390000 lacs & professional fees received rs.3 lacs should i go in income tax audit?

1)sales turnover is 39,00,000/- & i have received professional fees of rs.3,00,000/- should i cover under the income tax audit.
2)if professional fees received from the business sources which is resemble to my business then it cover under turnover.
3) If profession fees received totally different nature of the business sources other than my regular business.

Which BRANDED A/C has longest life? & whose After Sales Service is good? Experianced customer will know best!

I stay in khar (mumbai) INDIA. i am about to buy a window A/C , vijay sales has quoted LG(17,900/-), SAMSUNG(16,900/-), ONIDA(15,750) +300-350/- installation charges.
Out of the above LG A/C’S , do they have a track record of working for at least 7yrs? an experianced customer can answer as they must have wittnessed himself? Which company’s After Sales Service was the best? vijay sales,next or croma store?If the life of all the above mentioned A/C’S is only 5 or MAX 6yrs, then what difference does it make Whether we buy any A/C brand, a lower costing indian A/C like ONIDA, VOLTAS or carrier, bluestar whichever brand quotes the lowest price will do?What difference does it make wheather we select any brand when usage life is only 5-6yrs maximum?Also when an Exchange is made between an old A/C when buying a new one, the amount these companies deduct is max 3000/- only. If assembled A/C’s good in price,usage life same as branded, pls mention add & tel reliable co andheri-bandra