Salary structure for employee under real estate broker?

I want to work under real estate agent/broker in gurgaon city. but i want to know the salary structure they offer. i need to know that how much incentives they offer on different kinds of property dealings?? I need to know that how much percent of brokerage they provide to employee on property sales & resales which is done by his employee?? can u please give me the data in details??

Income tax in case of deferred salary paid in 2009?

I have changed two jobs during 2008-2009. So I have form-16 from two companies. One of my companies cleared my Dec,2008 salary and other dues in Jun,2009.
Some how the TDS deducted is not enough and my current employer also has not taken my past salary into account.
Since the deferred salary was credited in Jun2009, Am I liable to pay tax in this financial year or the next year.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.