Why nationalized banks doesn’t provide loans to DMC approved constructions & how much is safe to buy such home?

Why nationalized banks does provide loans to DMC approved contructions and how much is safe to buy such homes with loans from co-operative banks.
Also many of the buildings which are not having OCC and CC (certificate of completion).
Still those properties are sold and bought in real world.
How much is the risk if we buy some property which did not have OCC and CC?
This is regards to properties in Dombivli town of thane in maharashtra

Are gold etfs safe , is it also like MF ?


Are gold etfs generally safe ? By definition, they just fluctuate according to gold value in the market.

There are kotak, reliance, sbi, quantum, etc that give gold ETF. Since the gold ETFs depend on the value of gold in the market, I presume it doesn’t matter in choosing the etf i.e. kotak or quantum doesn’t metter here.

Is it right ?

Is there a Safe ULIP Investment with Life Insurance Cos. which protects downside of market in India?

The markets are scarily going down…
In such a scenario where do I invest in India [Tax saving ULIPs would be preferred] so that I dont lose on the falling markets, but enjoy the upside. My concern is I dont lose my hard earned money at the same time enjoy high equity returns? Best would be investment in an 80% equity fund.
Is there any such insurance plan available?