a diploma in Intellectual property rights for science graduates?

hey i have completed a BSc chemistry and vocational biotechnology and wish to appear for the 2009 MBA entrances..since this year i would be doing nothing but preparing for the entrances i thought that i would take up a diploma in intellectual property rights which i have heard is pretty suited for science grads? i want to know how useful this course would be and if not suggested what other short time/ diploma courses could i look forward to,to avoid a one year gap which would be disastrous if i had to apply for an MBA college as i would be answerable to it

Plz tell me the Rights of self acquired property?

My uncle was a retired govt employee and he acquired the total property by his own, and he has a adopted married daughter, my uncle sold a land for his family expenses , but the adopted daughter has file a case on my uncle and the purchaser of land, is there any rights to her on my uncles self acquired property.