Do you think the IRDA should take initiative to educate insurers about choosing the right insurance?

I was mis-sold LIC’s Jeevan Anand policy by an agent who I believed was sincere in advising me. At that time I did not even know that something known as “term insurance” exists. I thought I was doing well since the said policy would play three roles simultaneously: as life insurance, long term investment and tax saving avenue. The premium I paid was over Rs 19000 (yearly).
Now I know I am not alone, many people are cheated by such agents. I know I behaved like the stupidest person on earth, but I also feel that many people even today are not insurance-literate. I think somebody should take the responsibility of making people aware about this, specially the IRDA should take this initiative. What do you think about this issue?

Is this right time for MF investment?


As now the world economy is in recession and down turn,
Is this is a good time to invest in Mutual Funds, coz
though NAV of a fund will be low at this time in general, the average return per month
will be negative (if we choose to invest MF in SIP) since market is bad.
so ultimately our avg annual return will be become less may be < 5% or can be negative also. In these situations, is this right time to invest in MF,, OR can we wait for some more time, monitor the funds and invest after few monthsif the market is picking up.I have plans to invest inEquity Diversified: HDFC Growth fund (G),SBI Magnum Contra (G) ICICI Prudential Infrastructure(G) ,DSP BlackRock(BR) Top 100 Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G)Balanced Fund: HDFC Prudence Fund(G)pls suggest anyone.

which is the right policy for me….? plz help…!?

have marks on my thighs for a plastic surgery…(surgery in which pigmented skin was used).
so i have to hide these marks to have a good future…!
n i have to undergo a cosmetic surgery.. within coming 5-6 months.
n i came to know a policy by ICICI prudential….policy named as HOSPITALCARE/HOSPICARE.
the person who advised me this policy says that this policy will cover for me for any surgery.n i can claim for the money even within the 10 months of taking the policy.

is the person true or a fraud….?

is there any policy which could cover me for a cosmetic /plastic surgery , where i can claim for money within 1 year of taking the policy?

n what should i take care while taking such insurance policies…?

plzzz help……