grand children right on grandfather property?

I am from Andhra Pradesh ,My grand father purchased a land(agriculture land) and a independent house in 1975 on his name,he did not made any ‘wil’l ,he died in 1982,his wife died in 1995 , he had one son and two daughters .
1)son (died)—one daughter,wife
2)elder daughter have—one grand son——marriage(1970s)
3)younger daughter(died) —- one son,two daughters,husband —marriage(1978)
1)How the property distributed among them?
2)is younger daughter(died) children can claim their share?

Do landlords have the right to deny us information we are requesting?

So we pay rent and then we also pay the year end CAM (common area maintenance) but there are some sketchy charges which differ greatly each year. are landlords required to provide us the information such as invoices for the liabilities if we ask for them? I just want to know before i ask and if they have a right to deny us the info.
i would greatly appreciate the help.. this is all too stressful, im thinking they are putting their other property expenses on us and getting the benefits of both.

How does the pagdi (rent) system in Mumbai work? Specifically who has the right to sell & make the first move?

I’m currently a tenant in Mumbai, under the ‘padgi’ system. I’m looking to move and hence would like to sell my property. My landlord on the other hand is very uncooperative. Am I allowed to sell the property without his consent? How much do I need to give him from the sale price? What other alternative do I have? Any advice will be extremely helpful. Thank you.