Which Indian website would provide me a lot of technical and fundamental knowledge about stocks under NSE?

I am a new trader in Indian Stock Market, specially a day trader. I also invest money in the stocks which gives a return in short term, mid term and also long term. Now I want to get a thorough knowledge about the technical analysis and fundamental analysis of the stocks which are listed only under National Stock Exchange of India. Are there any website which would provide me about the same? Please help.

is Birla Sun life short term fund good?

I got to know it is open ended(liquid) fund which uses money in daily bank transactions. It gets returns on one day basis which is 7-8% and no tax on return. this is benifit over FD. Similar Reliance fund is there in market 'Reliance Liquid Treasury'. please give ur suggestion on this.

How do I fill up ITR 4 form to file my tax return?

Hi I'm a salaried professional. I also do invest in share market both intraday and delivery. My total profit in short term delivery shares is 10K and my loss in intraday trading is around 50K. How do I fill up the ITR 4 form? Can someone please guide?