How can I manage both grand ceremony and electricity saving?

I am very confused about the arrangements, my brother is getting married this December, and we are planning to celebrate it highly in a 5 star hotel with a lots of friends and family members. On the other hand we are also thinking about how to save electricity, but without huge lighting the whole ceremony will be very dull.

SBI Life Insurance Advisor-MANOHAR-9573567957?

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Which policy should I invest in?

I am 27, and planing to invest Rs. 25K – 30 K in policy’s annually . Till now I am having LIC’s ULIP policy (for 10K), which is running into its third year. But planning to stop it after few years. Apart from it, I dont have even a basic medical policy. Neither do I have any basic idea about tons of policy’s available in market !!

So dear friends, guide me in following matters:

My basic requirements are: life cover, medi claim (which includes accident cover also i suppose), post retirement benefits (planning to retire at 55+), and flexibility to surrender policy with minimal damage (will keep policy of atleast 13 years).

Friends my question is, whether to buy different policy’s to suit my requirement ( i suppose some of my requirements can be clubbed together) , or get some policy with all that in it ( i m not sure if there is 1 with all that) ??

Also, by seeing the resent up and downs in market i m not sure is it best to invest in policy which has 100% proportion in market .

Please HELP

whether it is good for a fresher to start his corporate life from TCS?

actually its depends upon the requirement and your little bit of luck along with your performance in the test conducted weekly during training. If their requirement is in development they will put you in that section. If no then in someother section like testing,support or anything like that. It applies for all companies. I.T is damn unpredictable. Hmmmm. If you are c.s or i.s or e.c background then your chances of getting into development are bright.. Actually problem with tcs is that after your training you will sit on bench nearly for 6 months. If you are lucky then you will get some project. My question is, are you lucky? Iam not that lucky