what is loan defaulting or mortgage defaulting?

Real Estate Agent's usually refer to it as an NOD (Notice of Default) and basically that means that the owner of the home has basically stopped making mortgage payments or is paying very late. Basically the home is about to be in foreclosure, you should try having a short sale before the bank takes the home away. Short sales are basically a sale that has to be approved by the bank. This will look better on your credit report than a foreclosure. Foreclosures will stay on your credit for 10 years and Short Sales stay for about 2-3 years.

How and from where to get a market research report online?

Market research reports are the best friend for a business. It gives them a direction in which they can proceed.

As i know there are a lot of companies providing market research reports online on different prices. You should buy something which fulfill your need in a best way.

You just need to have a credit card, cash cards to buy a report online.