How much service tax on apartment unit construction?

Hi , Would anyone know if the tax on an apartment unit (flat) construction is only on the labour part of the cost of construction and not the material. I see articles on the internet stating that only 1/3 of the construction cost should be subject to service tax but I am not entirely sure of this. So at the rate of 10.3% on a property of 20 lakh rupees, it should be 2000000 x (10.3 / 100) x 1/3 = 69000 rupees approximately.
Is this correct?

How to get help with Payday Loans Las Vegas?

I have payday loans, but I don’t have the money to pay them back due to recession. Is there any payment plans for customers?
Will they put me in jail or take me to court? Or will this just go on my credit report?

How can i make my career in accounts and finance field?

I have done my graduation in Arts and after it i have completed my MBA in Finance and Marketing (dual specialization). can i make my career in accounts and finance field. whether my graduation (in Arts) will create any problem in my future success in this field, if yes, what should i add more in my education to get good success in this field.