What are the pension benefits under the 5th pay commission report?

I have retired as anunder Under Secretary to the Govt. of Karnataka 23 years back.The pension I receive today is not commensurate with the high cost of living and with the high inflationary trends today.An increase in my pension will help me a lot to meet and set off the high costs and help me to have a good living.I therefore look forward for some relief from this report.

Want to invest 1 lack for tax saving & need advice about a tax saving scheme or I I pay tax & invest in gold?

I want lan to invest Rs. 100000 for tax saving for the current financial year. Can you suggest which is the best scheme
in HUF and Individual age 80 year mother , age 50 Huband, age 45 wife , age 18 year old child or just invest in gold after paying tax

I should go for Top 5 tax Saving Mutual Fund based on lat 1 year returns

* SBI Magnum Tax Gain 1993
* Birla Sunlife Tax Relief 1996
* Sundaram BNP Paribas Tax Saver
* Franklin India Tax Shield
* Prudential ICICI Tax Plan

I should Gof for insurance
Max New york Life

i dont have ppf account