Can relative of a bank employee get loan rebates?

My friend's dad is an employee of Indian National bank.
My friend wants a housing loan. He wants to buy a house in his name and does not want to ask his dad for money.
Now we know bank employees get rebate on loans. But can his son avail of the rebate?
Asking his dad is the last option (due to some personal reasons). But if you know already, please let us know. His dad works for State Bank.

How to repay loan taken in Dubai from India ??

My relative has taken a couple of personal loans in Dubai to the tune of Dhs50,000. He came to India on a vacation and is unable to go back due to health reasons. Our family has pooled in the money to pay back the banks (Stan Chart and Citibank). My questions are :
1. How can we repay the bank loans from India ?
2. How can we repay credit card loans from India
3. Are there any legal proceedings I should follow ?

Your answers will be very helpful. Thanks to everyone in advance