Should I purchase a property which has both GPA and Registered with my seller.?

I have done a sale of agreement with a seller. Recently he has registered the property at the register officer. Before registering the property, he has GPA with the original owner of the property. He has not shown the GPA papers at the register office while registering the property.

Whether I should ask the seller to cancel the GPA and then buy the property? Or it is not required to cancel the GPA since the property is registered now?

how to increase bank OD without extending registered mortgage?

i am having OD account with a nationalised bank. the account is standard and i am considered as a VIP customer by the bank, but my OD is secured by a registered mortgage of my relative’s property and i do not have any landed property of my own. i do not want to approach my relative again for extension of the RM. is there any way to increase bank OD without extending RM appropriately?