reg. Term Insurance Policy – Private or LIC?


I am looking to compare pure Term Life Insurance policies between private companies and LIC. I find that the Private company Insurance premiums are very cheap when compared to LIC. For eg. for the same amount of premium I get 50 lakhs cover for 25 years whereas with LIC I get only 25 lakhs cover for 25 years. Can you suggest me whether to take a Term insurance from Private or from LIC to cover my family. The problem here is that the person taking the insurance will not be there and the family members should not be put in to trouble for getting the claim. Pl. send your advice.

Thank you.

Reg Mutual Fund Query?

I am new to Mutual Fund. i am planning to invest 10K each in HDFC Top200 Fund and in Sundaram BNP Select will good or any other funds will be there?