How do I file my tax and get a refund if I work 1099?

Hi, I was advised by my tax lady that all I had to do is pay an estimated tax of 10% on what I make every quarter, which I have been doing. My question is how do I file my return and get a refund and do I get any money for my kids? I always file with W-2 so this is the first time I am only filing with 1099. Any idea will be very much appreciated.

How I will receive my Tax refund in India?

I have not received my IT refund of financial year 2007-08 till date. The IT officials say I can’t get my refund because one of my deductor has not mentioned my PAN on TDS(FORM 16A) and hence data not matching on their system.
Further they communicated with my deductor to file a revised return in July 2012. My deductor replied that since the data is very old, they would file a revised return only after getting back FUV files.
Now the matter of fact is –
1 Income tax department can only issue the refund when my deductor files a revised return.
2 My deductor is not responding to me at all and also not filing revised return.

Will I get my refund in this case? Is there any way where IT department can question the deductor.

What should I do now?