What does it take to make a paypal account in India?

I am from India,
and I want to make a paypal account for buying things online and recieving payments on paypal!
plzz tell me what all documents or things I need to have while making a paypal account???
When I recieve a payment on my paypal account, where does the money actually go??
can i take it out as cash????
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can I get a letter from Credit card co. stating that a/c vl nt get reported negatively 2 credit bureau?

I want to go for settlement but am afraid that it will be show negative on my credit report. And consequently I can face problems in getting loans from banks. Is there any way where in I can recieve a letter from credit card co. that debt is sett in full & will nt affect future credit because it’s of no use to pay them if it will still show negative after paying