sales turnover is 390000 lacs & professional fees received rs.3 lacs should i go in income tax audit?

1)sales turnover is 39,00,000/- & i have received professional fees of rs.3,00,000/- should i cover under the income tax audit.
2)if professional fees received from the business sources which is resemble to my business then it cover under turnover.
3) If profession fees received totally different nature of the business sources other than my regular business.

We had a verbal agreement to selling a property and received an amount as part payment.?

However, there was no written agreement for the same. Subsequent to this, due to some reason, the other party withdrew their intent to purchase the property and wanted their money back. Now, they have sent some letters which state false information by registered post which has to be acknowledged. Does receipt of these letters and not replying to them amount to agreement with whatever is stated in these letters? Do they have any valid grounds for legal action?

How to invest the Terminal benefit received at the time of retirement?

I have retired from active service as Professor of Surgery after 34 years of service and the terminal benefit received is 30 lakhs. I am reappointed back with same salary last drawn which is about 1.25 lakhs per month. Both my children are married and are on their own.I do not have any outstanding loans to pay back.I am on my own staying in my own home. Please let me know the ways in which I should invest the terminal benefit amount of Rs 30 lakhs. I am not well versed in share market. I am sure this is common problem for all professionals at the time of retirement.I am sure I will be able to get a better information about investing the amount,as you are aware that Surgeons are very poor in investing for their future.