Please help on income tax. Is it necessary to show alimony received?

I divorced this financial year and received one-time alimony from my ex. I am a working woman and demanded the money becase my ex understand only the language of money. It is my understanging that onetime alimony is not taxable. If this is correct, do i need to show it in my tax return. I dont want to show if that is valid? Anybody with good knowlege on Indian IT, please answer this question. Thank you.

How do I … i have received notice for short payment of tax, but there computation is wrong, what do i do ?

in my return i had taken x amount of short term capital gain, which they have seemingly taken up at full rate tax, thus giving short tax notice
When i have checked i found that i have undercalculated my regular income tax by 10k and for short term capital, taken wrong amount and thus paid excess tax, net net i need to pay only 5k plus interest extra, what procedure do i use to sort this?