Is a scanned copy of LIC receipt sufficient?

My LIC Life Insurance agent has sent me a scanned copy of the premium receipt, but it’s been more than a month and she hasn’t given me the hard-copy of the receipts even after more than a month of repeatedly emailing her to give it.
Is just the scanned copy sufficient or should I insist on the hard-copy too?

In case of non-receipt of Superannuation pension through LIC, whom to approach. K Viswaprasad?

I was a member of Electrolux Superannuation Fund Trust, Delhi. I had resigned and opted for pension benefit. LIC has sent me pension in the year 2005 and 2006 Jan/Feb. However this year I have not yet received. Now that I am at Hyderabad, and the Electrolux was acquisition by Videocon, could you please guide me whom should I approach in LIC Delhi. I am only having LIC ID No.1087. Is it possible to transfer my file from Delhi LIC to Hyderabad LIC. Request please give guidance as this is an on going issue throughout and once the member is no more, it will also be difficult to delath by the nominee.

Can I get a refund of my ULIP premium if I cancel my fund within the 15 day free look period?

My father has been duped by an Agent to buy an ULIP when all he wanted was a fixed deposit. He was made to invest in HDFC – Secure managed pension fund. Now the money will be stuck for 10 years. I have learnt that I can cancel the fund and get the money refund within 15 days of receipt of policy documents (15 day free look period). They say that they would refund the money within 15 days of cancelling the fund. Is it true? Can I go for this option? Would they harass me with the refund money?