How to withdraw money from PayPal Account?

Especially in India. Here they don’t transfer money directly to bank accounts. One option is to ask a cheque but that would take too long time.

Any ideas of how money can be withdrawn through Western Union / Moneygram.(by some exchanger)?

cash2india and remit2india doen’t seems to help. They don’t accept indian paypal accounts for money transfer within the country.

Thanks in advance.

Should one build mutual fund investment portfolio based on return only?

Is there anything wrong with the idea of investing in those mutual funds which have given highest return in say last 3/5 years? I do not understand why people worry about selecting diversified equity fund or debt fund; about large cap or mid cap fund. After all what matters is the return, so one should select those funds which have proven track records of better returns than others and select those with maximum returns. Is this idea wrong?

what is loan defaulting or mortgage defaulting?

Real Estate Agent's usually refer to it as an NOD (Notice of Default) and basically that means that the owner of the home has basically stopped making mortgage payments or is paying very late. Basically the home is about to be in foreclosure, you should try having a short sale before the bank takes the home away. Short sales are basically a sale that has to be approved by the bank. This will look better on your credit report than a foreclosure. Foreclosures will stay on your credit for 10 years and Short Sales stay for about 2-3 years.

Salary structure for employee under real estate broker?

I want to work under real estate agent/broker in gurgaon city. but i want to know the salary structure they offer. i need to know that how much incentives they offer on different kinds of property dealings?? I need to know that how much percent of brokerage they provide to employee on property sales & resales which is done by his employee?? can u please give me the data in details??