What is floating rate of interest for home loan?

I have taken a home loan from LIC for 14 Lacs in 2008 @ 10.75% interst. What should i do to shift my loan to current rate of interest which is around 9.75%?.As per floating interest rate, should it not be changed and result in lower EMI?

Does Indian banks buy back the gold coins sold by them?

Hi, I am planning to buy some gold coin for investment purpose. To make sure of purity, I am planning to buy from Banks. As its investment purpose, I will be selling it after I gain handsomely / in emergency.
So does anybody know – which Indian Banks buy back the gold coins sold by them?

I am looking forward for a loan with 12% direct simple interest?

I need a loan with 12% or less rate of interest atleast for 1 to 2 years. I am ready to pay simple interest by every quarter,halfyearly or annualy. The lender can inform in prior may be 1 or 2 weeks earlier if he needs it back partiaaly or fully. Can anyone suggest me some better ways to meet such lenders directly..

Which RATE OF INTEREST will be charged to me on a Home Loan ?

Sir, I have applied for a home loan from HDFC bank. The day when i applied for the loan, the rate of interest was 10.25% and now it has become 11%. so which rate of interest will be charged to me. The rate of interest on the day of application of the home loan or the day when i take the first disbursement of the loan ? please reply as soon as possible.