suppose some body has ARN and can advise/sell mutual fund.?

suppose some body has ARN and can advise/sell mutual fund.
my question is
!.How much commission (as per industry standard)She/he get on selling mutual fund policy and suppose she/he appoint agent under her what commission she should share with sub agent (as per industry standard if there is any)

I have one question about my LIC -Jeevananad policy-?

Sum Assured =5 lakhs, Terms from 2004 dec to 2015 (maturity). I am paying annual premium of Rs. 53037. Now I am 34 years old. As for 10 years I won’t get any FAB. Is there any option to merge it with other policy or continue it for another 5 years so that I can get FAB? Are there any options to get more benefits (monetary) from this policy?

Can my American born daughter inherit property from me which is in India?

I was born in India. My daughter was born in USA. I have some agricultural land and a house in India. Can I pass it on to her? Does she have to accept the citizenship of India and giveup that of America for thet? Does India allow dual citizenship?

I did not know where exactly this question should be placed? I did not see any category named legal.

Thank you for taking time and answering my question.

A rebuilt paternal property can be willed or not?

I have inherited a bungalow along with my four brothers and now we are all going to rebuild 8 flats, 2 for each brother (including me) with our money on inherited land. The question is will this still be treated as inherited property so I can not Will it according to my wish and it will compulsorily be divided in my three heirs that is my wife, son and daughter or can I Will it according to my wishes as my own acquired property?