For transfer of Post Saving NSC & KVP Kept in demat A/c of ICICI Bank in Demat a/c of other Institutions.?

I have invested Rs. 16000/- through online in Post office saving certificated via ICICI Bank. The above mode is electronically kept in demat account in ICICI Demat. I dont want to continue my account as i cant keep the minimum amount of Rs.5000/- in saving account of ICICI Bank. If i will keep this amount idle in this saving account i am a big loser and Bank is earning on my saving. At the time of opening of saving the agent had told that you can start the account be ZERO balance and in this fashion i had started 3 in 1 scheme account. Later on this bank guys had started deducted Rs. 750/- on quarterly basis as minimum balances charges… what a stupidty. Earning on the cost of poor chaps………. Now i dont want to continue my account in this Bank as this bank is a big looter. When other nationalised bank are allowing to maintain minimum 1000/- Rs. in saving account, why this is consipracy .Can anyone tell how to transfer electronically invested P.O. instruments in other demat a/c.