baba IN march 2009 issued a cheque no.859783 drawn on PNB rupees 1100000/= to BJP.[BY -PATANJALI AYURVED LTD.]
is baba a financier
@ jumpinn sun —But Baba Ramdev has also donated chanda to Congress also.

your above info is new to me.
will you give source of your info plz?
no problem with his political affiliations [if] with many political parties at a time.
he should fairly come forward with the clean hands instead of be fooling the public.
how he can donate the donated money to a non political trust for the specific purpose to a political party? moreover in that case when he is blaming these politicians as corrupt.

@gandhi–corruption is a strength of UPA and INC is corrupt Guru.
However your information is as strange as the information of Jumpin Sun.
Please submit your link / proof to establish your claim as valid and ask Jumpin Sun to do the same.
Then it will be proved that who is fooling the public,Baba or you !
————–read here who is be fooling we or gandhians–

what is the min. premium to take an lic policy?

i want to take lic credit card,for that i should have atleast 1 lic policy., for that i want to take a policy
but i want to pay min.i.e. least premium (because i am taking the policy only for credit card purpose)so, can anybody please tell me how much is the least amount with which we can take a policy( i heard it starts from min. 100/-)

Safest Mutual Funds?

I would want a very low risk investment option-where I can put Rs 10000-20000 per month. This should give higher returns than a conventional bank recurring deposit. Can you suggest something for me? This is not for tax saving purpose. I have already made Rs. 1 lakh investment for tax saving for 2007-08 in other options.

How do I choose a suitable mediclaim policy?

I want to get a mediclaim policy for me (age 34yrs, Indian) and my wife but I do not know how to choose a particular insurance policy. What are the factors one should look for before deciding? In fact it seems that many companies offer more or less the same benefits. Should I go for public or private sector company? Are family floater plans useful for tax saving purpose as well?

Can mediclaim premium be increased following claim during policy period?

I have heard that some Indian insurance companies increase the premium amount for mediclaim the very next year following claim for reimbursements by the policy holder. Reportedly some even make it double (and it goes by the name of loading). Is that true? If it is true then how does one choose a suitable mediclaim policy from some insurance provider? The premium amount is obviously one factor one considers before choosing a suitable insurance provider for medical purpose.