icici pru life time super foreclosure?

dear sir ,i have one ulip policy from icicipru life time super ,first premium 30000paid on 21.07.2006 and second premium also paid in 2007.but i am unable to pay third premium.A leter received from insurer your policy was foreclosed .ur current nav amount 77800.as per the norms 60%of the nav amount for forclossing charges.balance 30800 rupees cheque enclosed the letter.the foreclosure was without my knowledge.this is correct?any expert please guide to me.no intimation for foreclosure the [email protected] mobile no 09443104411

Section 10 10 (D) benefit for ULIP?

What happens if I surrender my ULIP after keeping it for more than 5 years? Do I have to show the entire proceeds as income for income tax? Or can I get section 10 10(D) benefit for it and remove it from income?
Let me rephrase my question better. Should I go with ULIP for the 10 10(D) benefit alone. I mean with mutual funds and share trading, won’t I have to pay income tax on any gains?
Also any take on which is better? ICICI Pru Ace or Bajaj iGain?

Help in investing in Mutual Funds?

Hi All,

I am investing Rs 5000/pm and accumilated a total of Rs 90000 till now in the following funds.

SBI Magnum Tax Gain(D) : Rs 1500
Principal Tax saving(D) : Rs 1500
SBI Magnum Contra (D) : Rs 1000
ICICI Pru Infra (G) : Rs 1000

Now i want to invest Rs 2000 more per month.

Shall i go for investing in PPF or in Mutual Funds.

If Mutual Funds, than suggest me with one or two gud funds and fetch fair amount of returns for the next 7-10 yrs.

Madan N

who can i sell Sip Mutual fund and what ways company pay me?

I Buy Sip Mutual Fund of- ICICI Pru Discovery-G -for 1 year if i want to reedem my some profit after 2 month without cancelling my sip it is possible and for what ways will company pay my reedem money. thanks

Plz answer me those people who alredy deal in mutual fund thanks………………………………….