What is the procedure to sell property in Bangalore?

I am planning to sell a property and it is currently under ICICI Loan. Buyer is taking loan from LIC and says LIC will close my loan at the day of registration. What will be the proof given to me assuring that LIC has issued a cheque/draft to close ICICI loan ? After what proof I can sign before registrar to sell the property?

Can u tell me the diploma holders are eligible for education loan or not ?

does anybody knows that which bank is giving education loan to diploma holder for higher study in abroad.

I recently gone to SBI and they told me that . . . . just because of diploma , I will not be considered for edu. loan.( even after showing proof of distiction in diploma and 6 bands in IELTS )

I think this is not the way. . . . How can these ******* idiots predict that diploma holder can not study in abroad ???? There should be a fair evaluation.

Whats ur opinion ????

Where can i get personal loan without income proof or IT returns?

how to get personal loan without income proof or IT returns

hi iam from andhra doing business. I have a cafe and institute .institute from 1 year and cafe from 2 years of establishment
i am in search of loan without any security or guarantor.I need nearly 2 lakhs .my bank statement is good.can any one help me in getting loan