sales turnover is 390000 lacs & professional fees received rs.3 lacs should i go in income tax audit?

1)sales turnover is 39,00,000/- & i have received professional fees of rs.3,00,000/- should i cover under the income tax audit.
2)if professional fees received from the business sources which is resemble to my business then it cover under turnover.
3) If profession fees received totally different nature of the business sources other than my regular business.

Tax calculation on professional income?

I need help in tax calculation.

I am working as a professional in an IT company. I get 720000 as gross package from the company. They will be deducting a certain amount of TDS from the monthly income.

I want to know what are the other taxes which I need to pay and how do I calculate that? Specially NET monthly income. Also is there any advantage in NET monthly salary if I take this package as a salaried person?

Thanks for any help.