whether it is good for a fresher to start his corporate life from TCS?

actually its depends upon the requirement and your little bit of luck along with your performance in the test conducted weekly during training. If their requirement is in development they will put you in that section. If no then in someother section like testing,support or anything like that. It applies for all companies. I.T is damn unpredictable. Hmmmm. If you are c.s or i.s or e.c background then your chances of getting into development are bright.. Actually problem with tcs is that after your training you will sit on bench nearly for 6 months. If you are lucky then you will get some project. My question is, are you lucky? Iam not that lucky

Could we still get a tax rebate check?

We filed a married filing jointly return, but my wife used her “tax id number” so we do not qualify for tax year 2007.

Problem is, she started working in 2008, and our AGI will exceed $150k by a long shot when we file tax for 2008. What can we do to get some money back?

Thanks for answering.

about sbi life unit plus II pension?

I have invested in SBI life unit plus II pension .I had declared it under 80C ULIP for TDS . But when i got the letter from SBI it is under 80CCC .I called them and they are still saying its under ULIP.
If i declare this under pension fund 80CCC when filing income tax return will it cause any problem

is credit card defaulter would be a problem in travelling to abroad?

hi, i am credit card defaulter from nationalised bank, my credit card limit is 15thousand, i had never paid since one year due to loss of my job and i was hospitalized now it is nearly 30 thousand, i got a job in abroad, by feb i will be leaving, i am afraid whether this credit card defaulter will be apblm in police
clearance report, sure after i go abroad i will clear all the amount

How much gold can I take to India?

I was in Dubai on a Visit. I want to take some gold to India in the form of a Biscuit, as I am told that it is Pure. Can anyone tell me how much(in Grams) can I take so that I may not face any problem with customs.