PNB Depository never works especially after 6 pm-Cannot allocate Shares for selling it.? site never works.Whenever I reach home late in evenings,I try to allocate the shares to site.I do it on AMO Basis (After Market).It was working till last March.It seems this site has become redundant & since last month or so as it never works.The problem is with PNB site,as I have complained earlier.They have not yet sorted my problem.

Help on interview for State Bank Of India ?

I have to attend personal interview of State bank of india on 14th oct.
In the bio-data cum attestation form i have had to get signed up one identity certificate by some head of some institution or some Govt official.. I have got signed it by a MBBS doctor of a well known hospital,, Now will this create a problem during the intro.. pls suggest me…