Is there any problem if I do not submit income tax return?

My income during first year of service (2008-2009) was not taxable and so I did not submit income tax return. Will there be any problem due to this?
In case I need to show (for some official purpose) income tax return for the last two years, can I submit the nil return for the financial year 2008-2009 now?
I would like to get information relevant in Indian context.

What is problem with my HDFC debit card?

I cant use net banking. when i visit on HDFC bank web site i entered my customer id and IPIN and it says invalid. But my IPIN is correct and when i go to change my IPIN it says enter customer id. when I entered my customer id it says No Active Debit/ATM Card(s) linked to the customer ID.what is problem with my card?

Why am I having while saving my file as a movie file in Windows movie maker?

I am having this problem while saving my project as a movie.
When ever I am trying to save it, a message is being displayed that – “windows movie maker is unable to save this movie as the original files used in this file are missing, or the destination file/folder isn’t ound, or there is less disk place available on the destination file/folder.”
But none of the possible reasons are possible as I have checked all these possiblities.
PLease help me out..

What service oriented business can we start at chennai?

i am living in chennai. I have been in the field of manufacturing spares for automobiles since 1990.Due to procurement and credit issues, sustenance is becoming a problem.Better late than never, now thinking of moving over to lesser investment, service related business.Require suggestions or advice.