I am presently drawing a salary of 15k including allowances life traveling expenses etc..I am 31ys,is it low?

Compared to my age is it a low salary? I am doing a outdoor pharma sales job.My qual. is also poor like I have only a B.Sc (Pure) Pass Graduation from Calcutta University.My age is 31.So I cant change company easily at this age.Since in pharma field to work as a Med Rep u have to be within 26 max 28!!!
How can I get a better paying in-office/managerial job?
15k pm and not per year!!!

How to apply for PAN card in INDIA?

I want a pan card to apply for a job in a private company as PAN CARD is the necessity to apply for their jobs. Presently I am not earning anything, Can I apply? If yes do they charge me tax without any earning.Please tell me the whole concept of pan card. Also tell me what documents will be required to apply for a pan card.

Thank you in advance for ur valuable time and info.

When we can withdraw PPF amount?

Hi, I have invested in Public Provident Fund through SBI, I want to know when I can withdraw amount.Presently I have completed 4 years. Can anybody tell me the procedure to shift the PPF account from one state to other…..

Good Guaranteed return pension plan ????

Please suggest a Good and Best Pension Plan of any company (private or government) which gives me a guaranteed return approx 25000/- every month (as pension) after 20 years up to my death and then after to my wife up to her death and then lumsum amount to my Son also.
Right now premium does not matter.
100% risk free plan.
Don’t suggest any market linked plan please…
Here is 20 yrs tenure/period. In this tenure unfortunately i will die between the ccompletion of tenure the policy gives lumsum amount to my dependent (wife or son) and also pension to my wife and son.
Presently i am 30 years old and my wife is 27 years old and Son is 06 months old.

How can I get Income Tax benefit from HRA?

Presently I am outside India for the last 10 months.My parents live in Kolkata.I work in a chennai based MNC, but I have no accomodation there.In such case,is it possible to get house rent slips from my Father and submit them as HRA in order to obtain the tax benefit.How is it possible or is it possible at all?

Thanks in advance

What is the procedure for withdrawing NSC on maturity after changing city?

I bought NSC for tax saving purposes several years back in Kolkata. Presently I am in Chennai and my certificates are due for maturity. However when I visited the local post office, they just scared me away. I am told that they will send the certificates by post to Kolkata and if I am lucky they will get confirmation in about 3 months time. After that, I have to apply for change of address and give address proof. A representative from local PO will visit my house to confirm if I actually stay there.

They will issue me a cheque only after all these formalities. Does anyone know an easier way out?